People! People! Everywhere! Small ones, big ones and even in between ones! So many that Blob was scared! But then in that moment, with no one around, Blob Farley remembered his mother’s advice. “To have a friend, you need to be a friend.” Continue →

Swallowing his fear, Blob swam for the shore, and to his surprise, the children were ecstatic to see such a sight! What a wondrous fish, said one to another, what could it be? It’s like nothing anyone had ever seen!Continue →

Blob explained that he was a Blobfish, from deep in the depths, that he was made of jelly, and nothing else! The children were amazed and laughed with delight, and Blob Farley played with them, straight through till night!Continue →

Blob Farley’s adventure was a great one indeed, he had made new friends and done amazing things. Now he had to go back to the deep, deep sea, but he told the children he would be back, just you see!Continue →

"Hi there little fellow! What brings you here?"Continue →

"My name is Donald and this is Daisy! We are dolphins!"Continue →

"I see that you have never met sea creatures like us! We may look like fish, but we are not!"Continue →

"Fish breathe water but we breathe air! That is what dolphins do!"Continue →

"Fear not Blob Farley, Let us show you the way! We shall take you to the shoreline, where the people play!"

"Well hello my dear, and who might you be?"Continue →

"Tina the Turtle knows just about everyone in this vast blue sea, but she doesn’t recall ever meeting thee!"Continue →

"Travel up just a bit further and you will reach the surface."Continue →

"Look for Donald and Daisy the Dolphins and be sure to tell them that Tina sent you!"Continue →

"They’ll be happy to show you the rest of the way!"

"Fancy meeting you here!"Continue →

"No fish of the sea has ever not been afraid of me! It is hard to make friends with a smile like mine!"Continue →

"You are not afraid! You are kind! You shall have a friend in I!"Continue →

"Travel up the water a bit more and you will meet someone who can help you on your way! Her name is Tina!"