Cast of Characters

Get to know Blob Farley and his friends better by learning more about them. As Blob would say, “To have a friend you need to be a friend!”

Blob Farley

Blob Farley is a Blobfish, a species of fish that lives in the ocean depths off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania between 600-1,200 meters (2,000-3,900 ft) under water. At these incredible depths the pressure is 60-120 times what it is at the surface. Perfectly suited for this extreme environment, they have no bones and their bodies are made out of a gelatinous material that is only slightly denser than water. A harmless ocean dweller, they are often caught in fishing nets and are considered endangered. Voted “The World’s Ugliest Animal”, Blobfish don’t actually look like the pictures they are famous for. When they are swimming at the sea bottom, their bodies are naturally buoyant and much more “fish-like”. We think sweet ol’ Blob Farley is a cutie regardless of where we find him!

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Jill the Jellyfish

Jill the Jellyfish is an Atolla Jellyfish. She lives in the deepest depths right alongside Blob Farley. She has 21 tentacles, one larger than the rest that she uses for hunting. If threatened, she can make bioluminescent flashes of light like an alarm which draws the attention of larger fish that will try to eat her attackers instead of her.

Dorothy the Dumbo Octopus

Dorothy the Dumbo Octopus lives up to 7,000 m (23,000 ft) below the surface of the water, deeper than any other octopus! She travels through the water by flapping her ear-like fins which is why she is called the “Dumbo” octopus!

Leonard the Lantern Fish

Leonard the Lanternfish is a deep-water fish that has special organs known as photophores that give off bioluminescent light. Here on land you may have used a similar chemical process when you cracked and shook a green light stick on Halloween.

Skip the Mantis Shrimp

Skip the Mantis Shrimp is an amazing crustacean that packs a powerful one-two punch! Even though they are small, Mantis Shrimp have the most advanced eyes in the world being able to see colors that others animals (even people) can’t see! These eyes are very important because instead of claws, Mantis Shrimp have special arms with clubs at the end that look like Boxing Gloves. They punch as hard as a 22 caliber bullet and have been known to break the glass of fish tanks and shatter crab shells (their favorite meal). They use their special eyes and clubbing punches to catch food.

Simon the Shark

Simon the Shark is a Blue Shark. Blue Sharks are a long and slender oceanic species, meaning that they live primarily in the vast oceans far away from shore. They get their name for their blue coloring on top which fades to their white bellies.

Tina the Turtle

Tina the Turtle is a Loggerhead Sea Turtle which is also the world’s largest hard-shelled turtle. She is even bigger than the famous Galapagos giant tortoises! Loggerhead Sea Turtles make great migrations across the world’s oceans and can hold their breath for up to four hours! Tina has met just about everybody who’s anybody in the vast blue sea on her many journeys.

Donald & Daisy the Dolphins

Donald & Daisy the Dolphins are Bottlenose Dolphins. Dolphins live in groups called Pods with about 10–30 other dolphins but pod size can be anywhere from a single individual up to “super pods of over 1,000! They might look like fish but they are mammals, breathing air just like you! Dolphins are very intelligent and search for food using echolocation which is a natural sonar! Donald and Daisy are very friendly and have many friends, some that are fish and even some that are human!